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Section 2P1.1(b)(3) is amended by deleting:

"If the defendant committed the offense while a correctional officer or other employee of the Department of Justice, increase by 2 levels.",

and inserting in lieu thereof:

"If the defendant was a law enforcement or correctional officer or employee, or an employee of the Department of Justice, at the time of the offense, increase by 2 levels.".

Reason for Amendment: The current specific offense characteristic (b)(3) applies only to correctional officers or Justice Department employees, and not to local or state law enforcement officers who might have custody of a federal prisoner, or even to federal law enforcement officers who are not employed by the Department of Justice (e.g., Secret Service agents are employed by the Treasury Department). It also does not appear to apply to law enforcement or correctional employees who are not sworn officers unless they are Justice Department employees. The purpose of this amendment is to correct this anomaly.

Effective Date: The effective date of this amendment is November 1, 1989.